I WANT to look different from what I do now

I want to look different from what I do now
I Want This Too (Want This Too?)


I look in the mirror and I’m not happy, I’ve got a massive conk and a beer belly. I want to change this.

Mike, Birmingham, UK


2 Responses to “I WANT to look different from what I do now”

  1. okican says:

    2 months ago, i was thinking same way.Then i hardly motivated myself to start exercising and diet.Although it’s more fun to work out with frineds, i pushed myself to sign up a gym.First two weeks was a real torture.Every single muscle was in pain and having no sugar in meals was too hard.But..

    After 2 weeks your body get used to exercising and no pain in your muscles at all.Having healthy food is briliant, you don’t feel like baloon and even you feel that blood in your veins flow easily..Your start to feel more energetic in daily life, and feel powerfull also.You gain your self confidence back again and everybody recognize that.

    Ofcourse i’m not brad pitt after 2 months, but it’s going well :)..for a couple of months later, i think it will be better..and actually that the key point is to ‘know that it will be better’ work for it..

  2. Love THIS PICTURE !!!!!!!!!!