I WANT to stop smoking

I want to stop smoking
I Want This Too (Want This Too?)


I reckon we all get an allowance of cigarettes to smoke in our lifetime. I’ve smoked all mine and some of yours and it’s time to quit. I hope admitting it to myself through here will help me to help myself. Any tips other than the usual patches?

Lisa, QLD, Australia


2 Responses to “I WANT to stop smoking”

  1. Jake Moore says:

    Cold turkey all the way! Good luck to you. I haven’t had one for about 5 years now. The only thing that finally worked for me was sweating it out and constantly reminding myself that if I can’t stop now I never will and if I have just one I’ll be addicted again. I remind myself of this every day still.

  2. Dan Geaves says:

    Awesome pic. Good luck Lisa