I WANT true love

i want to find true love
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I Want Lady and the Tramp style love.

Lindsay L, Toronto, Ontario, Canada


4 Responses to “I WANT true love”

  1. Travis says:

    Well as much as it sucks, the chances of you getting “Lady and the Tramp Love” from waiting around for it to happen are slim to none. You have to be a trooper and get out there and meet people. If you like music, or art, or books, or whatever, start hanging around places that interest you, and when you think you see a guy that could potentially be interesting, just set aside your fear for a split second, and approach him with a “hi”.

    It sounds ridiculously simple, and I know, probably easier said than done. Welcome to the life of a guy, the awkward pressure that we feel every day having to ask girls out and make the first move. Maybe you’ll find a new appreciation for men when you see how hard it can be sometimes. But seriously. Guys… Specifically attractive guys are not used to getting approached by girls at all. And they LOVE it haha, it’s like “Hey, I could get used to this not having to make the first move stuff”

    Now that you’ve successfully said “hi” to a stranger you just met in a place you enjoy visiting, chances are, he’s going to be friendly, and probably share common interests with you right off the bat, so try to use that for small talk and conversation. Then as things progress as the guy if he’d like to join you for coffee.

    Now you can talk to this Mr. Stranger over a hot cup of java, and get to know the real him. If he’s the real deal, and you like him, and he seems in to you, then you’re laughing, case closed. If he’s a loser, no problem, just say “I must be going” and you can repeat the process again.

    Now I know exactly what you’re thinking: ‘I said “Lady and the Tramp” love, not petty first dates.’ Well let me tell you something. Love like that usually exists between people with common interests. By meeting your guy in a place that you enjoy going, or while doing an activity that you enjoy doing, chances are you’ll have that common bond right there. Secondly if you have the guts to talk to him first, and ask him out for coffee, it gives the guy a confidence boost, and he’s more than likely going to be positive about it. Lastly over a nice quiet cup of coffee, (or spaghetti) you get to interact with them one-on-one with no friends or distractions, where you can make the choice if you want to see them again.

    Just remember. “Lady and the Tramp” is a fictional/cartoon movie involving dogs. Real life humans behave a little differently. I’m not saying that a love like that doesn’t exist, it’s just hard to find, and in the real world love takes a little work.

    So make the choice, sit around and wait for Mr. Perfect to fall into your lap, or get out there and start making your future happen.

  2. gursel says:

    hey Lindsay send me a contact information msn email 🙂 but far away from you, istanbul .if we like eachother love does not care about distance 😉

  3. Hakan says:

    I think, love is not a thing that you can find by searching around.

    If there is a “love” waiting for you somewhere, eventually it will find you but the painful part of this loop is waiting…

    Its all about time Lindsay.

  4. Danielle says:

    I think you should date Travis! What a nice, thoughtful answer he gave. 🙂