I WANT confidence

I want confidence
I Want This Too (Want This Too?)


I want to be able to walk the streets without worrying how big my belly looks, I want to be able to walk past a mirror, stop, look at my reflection and think "You look nice" I want people to like me and not think I’m a pushover.

Liz H , England


3 Responses to “I WANT confidence”

  1. Poppy says:

    “To the world you’re just one person but to one person you ARE the world. ”
    “No matter what you look like or how you feel about yourself, there is always someone out there who wishes they were you.”

    I was told these a few years ago when I really lacked confidence to the point of not even being able to leave the house on my own. Yet it was an elderly neighbour who pointed out the above. Take time to discover one thing that you like about yourself and work from there. It might be something like being organised, or having great eyes but it is unique to you. Then over time look for more things, you’ll be surprised.
    Oh and one last thing from me, smile. It’s true that a smile from a stranger can sometimes make a persons day and wouldn’t it be great to think that you’d done that?

  2. Tse S says:

    I agree to Poppy to an extent; that being able to love yourself is pivotal.

    But my own piece of advice to you would be to try to adjust the way you are living right now. I know what I’m saying is contrary to what Poppy says but it’s hard to change other people’s impression of you and sometimes, it just gets to you, no matter how much you might love yourself; that perhaps something about you is not exactly desirable. It’s impossible that everyone can accept the ‘flaws’ other people have, and this gives rise to impressions, both negative or positive. So sometimes, it might actually be better for people to change themselves for the better, and be proud of what they are, with that new change bonus.

    What I suggest is to write down a list of what you really really really want in life, for example, you might want to have ‘I want to look good’ on your list, and keep it on a list that would never ever be lost. Keep that list with you no matter where you go, so that it can remind you of what you want and make decisions with that goal in mind. I, for one, store my list of goals in my phone, so that whenever I ask myself what I really want, I simply take out my phone and read the list. For one thing, it has helped me get in shape. I used to be a chubby dude, and I wasn’t exactly proud of being one, so I thought I would want to change that part of myself, not only for others, but more importantly for myself.

    One of my ‘Wants’ is to become a body-builder in the future when I’m older, and as a result, I constantly remind myself to do what I believe is the best for me en route to becoming a body-builder, and the habit of eating healthily and working out often just came naturally.

    It’s a method that is effective for me when I want certain things done for myself, and it improves myself in the process as well. Hope this might be able to help you 😀

    With love, Tse S

  3. Radz says:

    I think if you started really believing that you 're not a push over, and really discovered yourself, knew more about it, the goods and the bads, the limits, the likes and dislikes, you will be amazied of the discovery and will gain so much confidence. I spent all my childhood a clumsy gal, everyone told me i'm beautiful, i didn't really believe that! but it was College, where i decided from day 1 to be who I want to be! I read more and Art helped me alot in discovering myself, I ended up at college being the Knw- Everyone- Peace- Maker Gal! i am so glad of it!:D
    And another thing, Ditch the ppl who won't like you for who u are, but be wise, and think that may be sometimes ppl cud be true!:)