I WANT to be good at something

I want to be good at something
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No matter what I turn my hand to, no matter how hard I practice, I never seem to be good at anything. I don’t want to be good at everything, just to be good at something…

Kate R , England


  • Rob

    You are already very good at some things in your in life!!!

    You probably think these things don't count because it comes easily and you can't even identify what these skills are.  The people around you who are not good at them are amazed at your talent and skill but you put it down to luck or "thats easy anyone can do it".

    Re-read what Kate said, she had great insight.

    Being a really good and kind person is something few ever achieve and most can't figure out.  If you are that decent person you have a power and skill far beyond that of any athlete, executive or technician.

    Be cheerful you have already succeeded you just need to learn to feel good about yourself.

  • dave

    there is a lot of truth to what Max says.
    I worked very hard to start a business, and it utterly failed. It took away an entire year of my life, and it took me by such surprise and I was left feeling quite useless at everything.

    Then I realized that the business did not fully utilize my strengths, nor my talents. I had to be honest with myself and face the fact that I was putting placing my God-given talents on the back-burner because I was putting worldly needs and worries first (such as making money in my case)

    Something I used to tell all my friends:
    "Don't chase happiness, or fame, or money, but instead pursue your natural gifts and talents and the rest will come chasing after you :o)

    How wise these words, and what a fool I am for not swallowing my own medicine.

    Regardless, we all have talents, and its a matter of us to discover them and to exploit them for the betterment of society. It is only then, that when we use our gifts for the sake of others, by bringing smiles to others, that we find the deepest sense of joy, peace, meaning, and purpose in life.

    I know how it feels, but I believe in you and your potential.

  • Taylore

    I completly feel you.
    Sometimes i feel as though i have no use.
    Im working retail, and i live with my boyfriend.
    I dont feel like i have ever accomplished anything huge, and i feel like everytime i try to do things i never succeed.
    My life consists of going to work and coming home. And i dont know how to change that.

  • Nina

    "Every Master was once a disaster"

  • Max

    i sat here trying to write something that makes perfect sense, but 3 paragraphs later i realised i can say it in two lines:

    1) you still haven't found your real talent

    2) you know of your real talent, but you are afraid to practice it

  • HJ

    I totally inderstand. I can administrate a remote linux server, analyse GIS data, play the drums, use Photoshop pretty well, layout a magazine and prep for printing in InDesign, code a website, write PHP and MySQL, take pretty good photos, edit video pretty well, cook some very nice things, write competently, etc, etc... but I can't do any of them WELL. I'm a jack of all trades and master of none, and its infuriating (and getting me down right now, which is how googled my way to this page). I have no advice, just wanted to join in, heh.

    The only positive thoughts I do have are that there's always going to be someone better than you. Its really annoying, but true. If you can be as good as you can be, and try your hardest at whatever it is you're doing, then that's all you can ask of yourself. If you do your best, you can be proud of yourself for that.

  • Tse S

    Same sentiments here. I've also been searching for an answer to whether I'm actually good at anything, but I've learnt that I got to work to be good, cause I believe it's until you have loads of practice then you could actually be great at it. Whether it's teaching, rock-climbing, studying or even being a good friend, I believe that as long as we put in the effort, we would definitely be able to be achieve what we desire.

    Work for the things you want and believe you can do it.

    (Being good at stuff never come naturally)

  • Jeff


    Like you, I've tried many things but I'm not really good at any of them. My inability to distinguish myself at any task used to get me down. However, I've been thinking and have come to a very liberating conclusion: this world is full of people who, like you and me, aren't particularly virtuosos but they somehow keep the world turning. From the introspective nature of your post I'm willing to bet you're a very thoughtful person, someone who--even if your outward appearance disguises your feelings--is very attuned to the world around you. I'm even betting that you're skilled at picking up on the needs of others, that you can "read" the needs of others. If this is the case (and even if it isn't) you can be good at helping others through tough times. If you help others (especially without their knowing you've shown them a bit of kindness) you'll be very skilled at some of the most important work there is--making and keeping the world a better place. I've been practicing this myself. It's a kind of therapeutic exercise because, no matter what you do, your actions help someone. Don't be too hard on yourself, Kate. Goodness knows, at least you're trying to be a better person (although I suspect you're a wonderful individual). In that respect you're way ahead of many others I know.

    Just keep being yourself.