I WANT to not have Bipolar Affective Disorder

I want to not have Bipolar Affective Disorder
I Want This Too (Want This Too?)


I wish I didn’t have Bipolar, or Borderline Personality Disorder, I cannot get close to people and can cut people out of my life with no regrets. I hate being so high people think you are on drugs, and I hate being so low you want to end it all. I have a constant crowd noise in my head, it’s never quiet.

Carla B , Yorkshire, England


5 Responses to “I WANT to not have Bipolar Affective Disorder”

  1. paulachu says:

    hang in there sweetie and find your strength …. somehow i managed to

  2. crazybunny says:

    Yeah. Me, too.

  3. Boomer09 says:

    During a regular check-up, I was telling my family doctor about the frustration I feel with people sometimes; not liking loud crowds, etc. After some discussion, he told me I am bipolar and that that was the reason I would drink (I stopped drinking in 1996 and don’t miss it). Well, he gave me a prescription for Depakote and it helps. He said there was no ‘test’ for being bipolar.

  4. Mariam says:

    The fact that you are aware of these issues and have feelings about them is wonderful. I have family who have these same issues, and refuse to believe there is anything wrong and hurt everyone around them, including me. I admire your ability to have a voice and a face and the desire to be happy. Pray, and keep your head up, and you can make a positive difference in your life.

  5. Kayla Jaber says:

    I have it also,I take medicine for it and it keeps me pretty level