I WANT a way to look smart at work..

I want to look good at work
I Want This Too (Want This Too?)


… without spending a fortune

Our company has a ‘casual’ dress code – most people come in jeans and tees. I want to fit in but look smart somehow, oh, and Im also broke – any ideas?

Allison T , Peacehaven, East Sussex, UK


One Response to “I WANT a way to look smart at work..”

  1. Leanne S says:

    A great place to get all the latest fashion tips is http://www.westfield.com.au then click on Fashion. You can select different styles and they appear on a model that you can rotate. It’s a good way to get ideas and you can also sign up and ask the Stylists questions. If cost is an issue you could look for similar items on Ebay or scour your local markets.

    Also, you can always dress casual outfits up with a glittery light-weight scarf or some sparkly jewellery. A selection of black tops can never go astray as they can be made to look casual or dressy with different types of accessories.

    Hope that gives you some inspiration! Good luck!