I WANT to be able to draw…

I want to be able to draw
I Want This Too (Want This Too?)


…beautiful enough to study at fine arts academy.

I’ve been studying for 2 years to pass fine arts exams and study on photography. Im not a talented one, and my drawings are not fine enough to pass exams.

Even though I work hard, this year is my final chance and I don’t want to miss this chance.

I’m totally depressed about this situation 🙁

Hakan S , Istanbul, Turkey


One Response to “I WANT to be able to draw…”

  1. Tse S says:

    Believe in yourself.
    Try to stop telling yourself you’re not good enough or that your pieces aren’t the best. Have more faith in your work and keep motivating yourself. Art isn’t a subject that has a specific set of instructions for you to follow, and being able to think outside the box is essential for you to excel in it. My advice to you is to stay positive, stop putting yourself down and put in your best effort for what you believe you truly want for yourself.

    It’s your last shot, so make it the best you could ever do, and when I say the best, it means every last ounce of creativity, passion and desire you have to succeed. All it takes is to have faith in yourself. You can do it! : )