I WANT to move to New York

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I want to find myself in photography and advertising in this powerful city

Evgeny A. Moscow. Russia


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  1. Olesia Constantinou says:

    I want exactly the same thing:)!

  2. Kevin Trinh says:

    Start meeting new yorkers!

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    Evgeny A. Moscow. Russia

  4. I want this exactly.

  5. I want this exactly.

  6. I want this exactly.

  7. Rob says:

    Come on over!  You will be welcomed here, there are many Russians pursuing their dreams in America.  For all Russian woman make sure you do not come through a crooked agency which will abuse you.  Come and stand on your own when the time is right and you are in control.  Try a student exchange with a credible American University if you are short on finances.

    Keep in mind many American cities are also very exciting and offer great futures.  Los Angeles(hot and dry), San Francisco(cool and damp), Atlanta (hot humid), Boston (cold winter), Dallas(hot hot), Philadelphia(humid), Chicago(cold winter)etc.Good Luck.