I WANT to get in the bullring


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Years ago I remember chatting to a fascinating bloke who was telling me about the ‘moment’ when the trajectory of his life changed. He was a journalist and he was writing all about these interesting things that people were doing. And it suddenly hit him; I can either be on the sidelines talking about these interesting people, or I can jump in and be one!

I remember laughing and thinking, ‘well, that won’t ever be me’. But ten sneaky years later, I’ve realised it’s harder than it looks and that I’ve spent most my time helping other people realise their dreams, not my own.

But that’s not what I want. I just want to do stuff for me.

Justin M. London. UK


One Response to “I WANT to get in the bullring”

  1. Lucyosborn says:

    Do you have a dream? I don't really, I just want to be happy and be near my friends and family. I like being busy but I can't find my talent/passion. I want to jump in the bullring, I just don't know how.