I WANT to give my wife a great house

I WANT to give my wife a great house

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My wife and I have been married for nearly 3 years now and we thought that by staying in our rent house for a couple years we would be able to save enough to buy a house. Alas, we weren’t counting on the economy taking a dive. I own a small business and took a pretty hard hit, sometimes going 2-3 months with no paycheck. We struggled a lot and we’re not “out of the woods yet” but we survived. Mostly, we have God and each other.

She’s the best wife for which I could have ever asked. She works too at a hospital and drives over an hour (one way) to Dallas. It breaks my heart because I work from home and it pains me to watch her drive away. She deserves way more than I can give her right now and what I’d like most of all is to give her a great house. A place of our own, in a nice neighborhood, that we can call home and raise a family. A place closer to the Dallas metroplex so we can reduce the wear and tear on our cars.

If this is a web site to unleash our dreams… guilt free then I want to give her a house that is valued between $400,00 – $800,000.

She is a wonderful woman and I want this more than anything right now. Simply a safe place to call home.

Adam R. Texas. USA


2 Responses to “I WANT to give my wife a great house”

  1. Robbie says:

    Good luck to you Adam. I'm in a similar situation. I don't think we're out of trouble just yet – but we've ever so slightly managed to keep our heads above water. The business has definitely taken a hit. If we can get through this we can get through anything. All of your dreams will come true – just keep positive and find the strength between the both of you to see the brighter side of life. Right now, you have each other and that means more than anything. Houses can be classed as luxury items and can put you in a worse position. The most important thing is you have a roof over your head at the moment. One day you'll both be sitting in the beautiful new house – and these times we live in now will actually be 'fond' memories – because they will be times to look back on when you worked together as a unit and fought your way through to the end.

    Keep us all updated – and let us know if we can offer any advice. You never know who's reading this or who can help.

  2. Jaqsonly says:

    Adam, as a wife in a nearby area, PLEASE ask your wife about that home before you assume she would like the same thing. I look back on the days that we lived in a 2 bedroom apartment with longing. The lack of stress for making ends meet with those bills, the smaller area to clean and the fact that most apartments are in the middle of the action all come into play in that feeling. We wives are lucky to have husbands who want to give the best, but sometimes, we don't need or even want what they are working so hard to provide.