I WANT to know if I should leave


I Want This Too (Want This Too?)

Even though this is the perfect life, I am not happy.  But I’m too scared to abandon this without knowing what lies ahead.

Sophie L. Australia


4 Responses to “I WANT to know if I should leave”

  1. Tony says:

    perhaps you have it all?  its not a perfect life if you are not happy is it? but be very careful. a happy life comes from within. you have to look at what makes you rearly happy and concentrate on these thoughts or actions. negative thoughts need to be replaced by positive thoughts or actions. slow down and look around, gifts are everywhare for you to enjoy

  2. rob says:

    It isn't perfect if you are not happy.

    What are you counting as perfect?  Certainly not the way you feel.

    Meditate on what feels right come up with a plan and make your changes as you see fit.  You will have to adjust as you go a long.  I assure you eventually you will find your happiness don't fear change.

  3. Forsakenmerman says:

    You never know what lies ahead, but keep stepping…its the journey that keeps us going.
    If you knew what laid ahead, then life would be boring.
    So count on who you are, and know, that you can do it. Happiness is inside you believe me, take it with you were ever you go.

  4. katyjackson says: