How You Can Help

Hello. What Do You Want? It’s a question we are all familiar with but how often do we ask it of ourselves? What is the one thing that you ‘Want’ above all other things?


The website Hello. What Do You Want? was taken from conception to a trial site in 2008 and during 2009 we received an overwhelming number of submissions from people young and old wishing to share their deepest Wants in life – with the world. To compliment the Wants, came a flood of comments and dialogue from people pledging to offer advice, encouragement and help in the best way they could by simply writing a few words in response.

Encouraged by this positive outcome we redeveloped the website in 2010 and are seeking support via individuals, philanthropic organisations and the business community. What we ‘Want’ is to connect people who want something with the person or group that can give it to them.

Enabling people to get what they ‘Want’ will involve selecting a number of ‘Wants’ and turning them into realities. We will select people that we can realistically help in an accessible geographical location and with their permission we give them every support to achieve what they ‘Want’. This is an opportunity to change lives for the better.


• Become a Supporter
Are you an Organisation or NFP? Pledge your support by displaying your logo and a short testimonial on our site. It’s as simple as that. Please contact us to discuss ‘Supporter’ opportunities.

• Sponsorship Opportunities
Your logo and key messages strategically placed throughout the site appending to relevant site content. Contact us for more information.

• Reach Your Audience
Promote Hello. What Do You Want? through your network as a potential channel that people can comfortably use as a request for support. Contact us to discuss white label and micro site opportunities for your audience.

• Expert Knowledge
Join our Specialists Advisory board (whether you are an individual or organisation) and help to provide us with research and online commentary that in turn helps people to understand why they want, what they want.

• Self Promotion
Promote Hello. What Do You Want? through your website, blog, social networks, offline media. A simple link to our site will do more than you can imagine.

• Feedback
Provide suggestions on how we can improve Hello. What Do You Want?

Any and all support in helping people to get what they ‘Want’ (above all other things) will be gratefully received. Please contact us today.

Thank you for your support.